best-weed-grinder-2016-space-case-herb-grinderAre you having a hard time grinding your pot with a cheap grinder over at Or in trouble dealing with bulky grind? Yes I know you are looking for a durable one. Pot smokers are very into detail on grinder to crush their babe bud. Meanwhile, wide varieties of grinder are made available in online market to meet the like of every smoker. But the thing is you got to find which one is the best that will surely suit your taste.

You don’t want to waste few bucks in an overnight grinder right? Well, here’s the best deal for you. Space case herb grinder is very much available in the market! It comes with awesome black and silver color that gives a classy look on a smoky and intenserhythm. It is specially made on a super high quality material and design to crush your bud.Get your head blown and check out how cool space case grinder is!

Parts. Space casecomes with 4 useful parts making 3 compartments specially designed to grind your bud to its best!It has super sharp blades constructed to give you the finest grind. And here’s another deal, this special grinder has kief compartment that would surely keep theintense kick of your bud!

Material. Oh well, space case grinder is made from aerospace titanium, known as an outstanding material best suits with everyone’s taste! Each of grinder’s parts are specially coated with titanium making it durable and elegant that lasts for years. Its first compartment has the ultimate diamond-shape sharp teeththat crushes every inch of your babe. And the screen compartment will receive the bits to separate the smoothest kief. Dude you got a have the best deal, space case worth the bucks!Your bud is super safe, surely it will give you the whole thing in pieces; smooth kief and medium grind best suit as combo making the most out of your bud!

How to use? Easy bro. Remove the lid, put on the bud on the grinding compartment, cover, twist like a screw and presto: got a medium grind and kief combo for a high boost.

So don’t get lost with vast options of cheap bargain. Choose the best for your babe pot and get the best out of your smoky pleasure with a super high quality, durable grinder on the best deal. Maximize the intense and get the pot on it. So what are you waiting for? Buy space case grinder and have the kick!

girdlesAre you in the market for a new girdle? This type of undergarment provides support around the stomach and hip area. Here are some helpful tips for finding the right girdle for your needs:

1. Get the size right

One of the key issues when choosing a girdle is getting the size. You’ll need a measuring tape, and preferably a fabric one. The most important measurements to take are for your waist and hips. Such garments are designed for wearing at the “natural waist.” That’s at the slimmest portion of your torso. You might be surprised at how high the natural waist is. When taking the measurement make sure that the tape is held firmly. Then measure the hip area at the widest area.

Then make sure to record the measurements. It’s advisable to get measurements in inches and centimeters. That will help to prevent the need to make a conversion later between the two measurement systems. Different brands can have different systems for sizing girdles.

2. Fact in hip/waist measurements

Both measurements are important before selecting a girdle. You should consider the type of girdle that you’re searching for. If you’re looking one that a cuffs top style that finishes at the waist then you should select a size that’s nearest to your eaist measurement. Meanwhile, if the waist band is overly tight then the result will be a muffin top.

3. Factor in the waist/hips ratio

If your waist is large compared to your hips then you should consider a long-line underbust girdle. That will provide a smooth line from under bust to the buttocks. A long-line girdle provides more support and helps to tuck in the waist. Meanwhile, girdles that have a steel boning that’s spiral are an excellent option since they won’t roll down.

If your hips are much wider than your waist then you should consider choosing a girdle with deep arches. You should consider choosing one size higher so it fits your hip better. A longline would be a good option. Consider one with a zip closure. Such a choice will look good without sacrificing shaping and comfort.

4. When in the middle go with the waist measurement

It’s important to consider both the waist/hip measurements when choosing a girdle. However, if you’re between sizes you should select one that’s nearer to your waist measurement.

5. Make sure that the girdle is firm enough

It’s important when choosing a girdle that it’s firm enough. The reason is that they’re designed to fit snugly on your figure. Thus, they should be tight enough. This means it might take some extra time to fit into the garment. It helps to hold your breath in while putting on a girdle. However, it’s likely that after wearing the clothing one or two times it will start to stretch a little. The girdle will then be snug and fit more comfortably. The key is to get the clothing on the first time. After you do that it will be much easier in the future to put on the girdle.

metal detecting hobbyThere are so many money making ways nowadays and a hobby could be one of the ways to do it. Metal detecting has been a hobby for so many people that is actually free with the exemption of the initial purchase of a metal detector, and you can get unlimited money in return but it all depends on your luck. Treasure can be found here and there and it can be acknowledge that most treasures are in a form of metal and the metal detector will surely do the job with a higher chance of guarantee. With the treasures that you would be collecting, you can exchange it for a wad of cash.

So what is a metal detector? It is a tool or device used for; you guessed it, detecting metal. It is a simple to use device that you just move near the ground and just wait for the beeping sound when you are within the area where there is potential treasure but do not get discourage if you get junks at the start because there is no thrill to it if you would be getting treasure all the time. The metal detector being a device developed during the 1920s has been refined greatly to the metal detector that it is today.

If you are still not into metal detecting that much and is now interested in it to be a hobby then you should be greatly warned that this hobby should only stick to being a hobby because there is no 100% guarantee that you would be getting treasure all the time and is not a good source of money. As long as you understand, you can make additional money from this hobby and could even hit a jackpot if you are truly a lucky person.

If you still do not have your own metal detector then do not worry because there are a lot of metal detectors for sale. You can just look it up in the web and search for metal detector for sale within your area or if not then you can just let it be delivered to your door. You should always look into its quality and if it is still functioning before making the purchase because there could be those that would that would look good but would not function properly and to have a non-functioning metal detector would be close to doing a useless hobby.

You can search in areas like your own backyard, near the ocean, an open field, or just anywhere, but be sure that the area is allowable for metal detecting and digging. Also, learn to have fun during the process of searching for buried treasure because that is what a hobby is for. Do not focus on the money but focus on the fun and you would not even notice that you would be able to get the treasure you seek in no time at all. Love what you do and learn to appreciate what life gives you.

green band sawAre you worried about using a circular saw? Maybe it’s due to the fact that it cuts in a circular motion. It might be due to the fact it’s a power tool. In fact, you might just be uncomfortable about using tools in general. However, you shouldn’t worry at all about using a circular saw. Here are some safety tips for using the power tools:

1. Avoid having loose clothing, jewelry, hair

It’s important that clothing, jewelry, and clothing not be loose when operating circular saws as discussed over at The reason is that they could get caught in the saw, which could cause accidents. If you have long hair, make sure that it’s tied back. If you have sleeves, make sure you roll them up so they don’t get in the way. Ideally you should remove any jewelry when operating the circular saw. However, if you don’t do that then you should certainly avoid allowing any loose jewelry get in the way of the machine’s blades or other components. The main issue about such loose items is that they can cause problems if you’re careful, so it’s best to keep them out of the way.

2. Wear safety glasses/hearing protection

It’s important to use both types of safety equipment when using circular saws. They’ll help to protect your eyes and ears while operating the power tool. Keep in mind that by definition power tools are powered by electricity, gasoline, etc. Thus, there’s more debris produced and higher noise levels when they’re operated. The tools are able to do more work than manual tools, which is definitely a plus. However, it’s just as important for operators to protect themselves when they use such tools. That’s why they should use the right safety equipment.

3. Change the blade if it’s dull

In the case that the blade gets dull you should definitely replace it. The reason is that a dull blade can cause many problems. The most obvious one is that it will be more difficult to get a clean cut when you operate the circular saw, which can cause various safety hazards. It might seem that this only affects the functionality of the saw. However, it can also cause safety issues.

4. Make sure guard moves between open/closed position

It’s important that the guard can move freely between the open and closed positions. The reason is that it should be clear to the operator that the guard is definitely switched on or off. On the other hand, if there’s any question then it can cause a problem because the guard might only partially be in place. That’s certainly a case you should avoid because it can cause various safety problems of protecting the operator from the power of the saw.

5. Cut on a stable surface

It’s always important to do any cutting with a circular saw on a stable surface. This will help to make sure that the cutting itself is steady and proper. On the other hand, if the table is wobbly or cluttered it can cause safety issues. For example, the circular saw could be difficult to operate or the material could move around a lot during the cutting.

6. Set the saw’s depth to 1/8” thicker than the material

This might seem illogical at first. However, it will help to make sure that you get a clean cut while operating the saw. When the saw doesn’t make a clean cut it can cause some safety issues in terms of you needing to check the material, the material jumping up, and so on. You can avoid such problems by simply setting the saw’s depth a little thicker than the material you’re cutting.