girdlesAre you in the market for a new girdle? This type of undergarment provides support around the stomach and hip area. Here are some helpful tips for finding the right girdle for your needs:

1. Get the size right

One of the key issues when choosing a girdle is getting the size. You’ll need a measuring tape, and preferably a fabric one. The most important measurements to take are for your waist and hips. Such garments are designed for wearing at the “natural waist.” That’s at the slimmest portion of your torso. You might be surprised at how high the natural waist is. When taking the measurement make sure that the tape is held firmly. Then measure the hip area at the widest area.

Then make sure to record the measurements. It’s advisable to get measurements in inches and centimeters. That will help to prevent the need to make a conversion later between the two measurement systems. Different brands can have different systems for sizing girdles.

2. Fact in hip/waist measurements

Both measurements are important before selecting a girdle. You should consider the type of girdle that you’re searching for. If you’re looking one that a cuffs top style that finishes at the waist then you should select a size that’s nearest to your eaist measurement. Meanwhile, if the waist band is overly tight then the result will be a muffin top.

3. Factor in the waist/hips ratio

If your waist is large compared to your hips then you should consider a long-line underbust girdle. That will provide a smooth line from under bust to the buttocks. A long-line girdle provides more support and helps to tuck in the waist. Meanwhile, girdles that have a steel boning that’s spiral are an excellent option since they won’t roll down.

If your hips are much wider than your waist then you should consider choosing a girdle with deep arches. You should consider choosing one size higher so it fits your hip better. A longline would be a good option. Consider one with a zip closure. Such a choice will look good without sacrificing shaping and comfort.

4. When in the middle go with the waist measurement

It’s important to consider both the waist/hip measurements when choosing a girdle. However, if you’re between sizes you should select one that’s nearer to your waist measurement.

5. Make sure that the girdle is firm enough

It’s important when choosing a girdle that it’s firm enough. The reason is that they’re designed to fit snugly on your figure. Thus, they should be tight enough. This means it might take some extra time to fit into the garment. It helps to hold your breath in while putting on a girdle. However, it’s likely that after wearing the clothing one or two times it will start to stretch a little. The girdle will then be snug and fit more comfortably. The key is to get the clothing on the first time. After you do that it will be much easier in the future to put on the girdle.